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Become a Shareholder. Nasdaq: EXPI

eXp Realty is a publicly-traded company (stock ticker: EXPI) and offers every agent the unique opportunity to become an owner in their brokerage and benefit from the company’s financial success. All agents become owners after they sell their first home!

Agents not only earn stock after selling their first home, there are several annual eXp Realty stock awards for certain achievements, including the opportunity to earn back their yearly commission cap in stock.


SIMPLE EXPLANATION WITH KERRY LUCASSE eXp Realty Stock Awards Explained In 2013, eXp Realty became a publicly-traded company under the ticker “EXPI.” While anyone can purchase EXPI stock through their brokerage or retirement accounts, eXp agents are in a unique position because they are able to participate in the stock purchase plan and/or opportunities to receive stock awards each year.

Sustainable Equity Plan

eXp Agents receive stock awards for accomplishing specific goals each year. You’ll earn EXP stock shares when you:

  • Close your first transaction ($200 worth of EXPI Stock)
  • Reach your annual cap ($400 worth of EXPI Stock)
  • When an agent your sponsor close  their first deal ($400 worth of EXPI Stock)

Please note: These eXp Realty stock awards have a 3-year vesting period, but you can keep track of all your awards in Enterprise. Also, the agents that you sponsor have to be with the brokerage at the time of vesting in order to qualify for the stock award.

Agent Stock Purchase Plan

Agents can participate in Agent Equity Program and receive a 10% discount EXPI Stock when they allow eXp to withhold5% of the commission generated from the agent’s transaction. 

  • The stock price / number of shares issued is determined by the closing market value of the last trading day of EXPI stock for the month.
  • There is no vesting period for this stock and agents can opt-in (or out) at anytime.

With the Agent Stock Purchase Plan the stock is held by a company named Shareworks, where you can view and sell your stock purchases 24/7 with the eXp Enterprise tool.

ICON Agent Awards

Agents who meet certain production levels and cultural requirements can receive up to $16,000 (their annual cap) back in the form of EXPI stock.

  • Agents reach their annual commission cap and then sell another twenty (20) homes during their anniversary year.
  • Agents generate annual $500,000 in gross commission (GCI), close a minimum of 10 transactions and pay of the ICON qualifying fee equal.

How to Receive the Full $16,000 ICON Agent Stock Award

Once you’ve met the production requirements, there are also cultural and participation requirements you must meet to qualify to receive the full $16,000 each year:

  • $8,000 – Met your production requirements
  • $4,000 – Met eXp’s cultural requirements
  • $4,000 – Attended both of the annual eXp events ($2K for each event)

eXp will calculate the number of shares you’ll receive based on the stock price at the time of the award. Each of the requirements have different vesting periods:

  • $8,000 Production Award – 3 year vesting
  • $4,000 Cultural Award – 2 year vesting
  • $4,000 Participation Award – No vesting, you can cash out immediately

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