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eXp Realty is leading the way to create the best possible real estate brokerage model that empowers agents to succeed with career-changing benefits.

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Diversify Your Income

eXp’s revenue share plan is one way that eXp rewards its agents for attracting new agents to join eXp.

Simply, an eXp agent can “sponsor” a new agent to join eXp. Once the new agent begins closing on transactions, the sponsor receives a percentage of the company revenue from the sales activity of their sponsored agent until their annual commission cap of $16,000 is reached.

Important note: eXp pays that share — not the agent. It is taken from the 20% adjusted gross commission income (AGCI) received by eXp, and is paid to the sponsor agent monthly.

eXp has redesigned the traditional brokerage to create a company where agents can share in the revenue.

Why is Revenue Share Important?

Another reason why eXp Realty Revenue Share is so important for real estate agents is that it allows agents to begin to diversify their income and offer a bit of a buffer when you have those not-so-good months. Another big plus of the revenue sharing program is that the sponsoring agents have a vested interest in the SUCCESS of the agents they’ve introduced to the brokerage. It creates an environment where everyone is always willing to share and when needed, lend a hand.

Who can earn Revenue Share?

Revenue Share is paid to any real estate agent or broker that has an active real estate license held by eXp Realty. It doesn’t matter if you have only been licensed for 1 month or 20 years. You can begin earning Revenue Share immediately. You’ll receive a check on the 22nd of the month for the previous month’s earnings. This is a remarkable program, the earnings are typically paid to the broker/owner or franchise in most real estate broker models.


3.5% of the gross commission

Agents at eXp can receive revenue share income from the sales activity of agents they bring into the company.

For each person you bring into eXp you can earn up to $2,800 depending on the sales production of that person.

This continues to be paid to you as long as you remain an active agent and the agent you have brought into the business stays with eXp and generates sales requirements.

Revenue share is paid from the percentage that eXp receives and doesn’t reduce agent commission.

*These figures are not a guarantee, representation or projection of earnings or profits you can or should expect. They also do not include expenses incurred by agents in operating their businesses. eXp Realty makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with eXp Realty results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Your success will depend upon how well you exercise these qualities.

Cascading Revenue Share

Earn more for BOTH the productive agents you bring into eXp Realty AS WELL as for the agents they bring in.

There are seven levels or tiers in your eXp Realty Revenue Share Group.

The first line or level includes the agents that you’ve personally attracted to the company. The second line would consist of agents that your recruits brought to the company, and so on for seven levels.

If you personally introduced at least five agents to eXp Realty, then you would receive 4.0% of the commission from the agents in your 2nd line (agents that your recruits brought to eXp Realty).

If you personally attracted 10 real estate agents to eXp, you would receive 2.5% of the commission from the agents in your 3rd line, and it goes on from there.

For example: You have to have personally introduced 15+ agents to qualify for the full revenue share amount (2.5%) in your 4th line and you will need to bring at least 40+ agents to the company in order to get the full revenue share amount (5.0%) in your 7th line.

If you have real estate agents in your 7th line, but haven’t yet attracted 40+ agents to the company, you would still receive 0.5% of whatever they sell.

Growth Incentive

Everyone has an incentive to help one another grow.

What we love most about this program is that everyone has an incentive to help one another grow. For example, what if you bring a real estate agent to the brokerage and they are selling about $40,000 in gross commission (GCI) each year. You would make about $1,400 per year in eXp revenue share.

BUT what if you sat down with the agent and helped them with their lead generation and/or expired listing scripts and were able to get them to $80,000 per year in GCI.

Not only would you make an additional $1,400, but you would also have an incredibly happy agent in your downline. With revenue sharing, everyone wins.

Join the team that’s breaking down boundaries.

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