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eXp Home Search Leads

Fully Managed Google Ads For Real Estate Agent On Steroid

By signing up for eXp Home Search Leads this effort will drive traffic to your eXp provided website. You will have the ability to reach these leads quickly and efficiently through the hosted CRM system.

We will launch a targeted marketing campaign on your behalf to drive leads, sales, and profits. With our experience and understanding of the market we can quickly provide you with leads in your area.

By using this program you will be able to have flexibility, resources and commitment from eXp.

Target Ready Buyers In A Snap

Targeting the Ideal Homeowner

In Google Adwords, you can target people whose searches suggest their intention to sell or purchase is real. These leads tend to have more relevance than leads from other internet sources, which means potentially higher-value traffic.

A Word About Internet Leads

Internet leads bring a variety of prospects, from imminent buyers to those with a longer lead time. And on occasion, a more secretive shopper with a made-up name. But the eXp provided website provides great value over time, helping to convert the most challenging prospects.

Target the areas where you want to be selling homes!

eXp Home Search Leads can target the cities, towns, neighborhoods, or even large subdivisions that you choose. Just follow our simple “rules of thumb” when you sign up to position yourself for strong lead flow.

Refer to our article on Picking Target Areas That Will Produce to boost your campaign’s effectiveness.

Calculate your investment. Spend it efficiently.

Targeting the Ideal Homeowner

Google Adwords is a pay-per-click system where spending and site traffic are directly linked. It only uses your budget when someone clicks on your ad and lands on your website. It’s an efficient way to advertise, especially with buying keywords attracting high-quality clicks.


A Word About Internet Leads

With any marketing program, reaching the production levels you want to see can take time. Average Cost Per Lead also varies based on area. We can’t guarantee a certain number of leads but can help guide you in the right direction.

Start Seeing Results

Earn more for BOTH the productive agents you bring into eXp Realty AS WELL as for the agents they bring in.

1. Sign Up

Select your plan, choose your target areas, and fill out the sign-up form. Completing the sign-up form will trigger the setup process for your new account.

2. Ads Get Launched

We launch new ad campaigns every day. It is taking us about 4–5 days from sign-up to get new folks started.

3. Start Seeing Traffic

Once your campaign is launched you’ll receive a notification that the ads are “live” and traffic will start getting sent to your website right away. You could potentially start seeing leads that same day.

4. Accounting

We bill in arrears. After the month has concluded, Accounting will send you an invoice to process your payment.

Level Of Service

The number of leads quoted in the above packages are based on national averages. Average Cost Per Lead varies based on area. Additionally, advertising can ebb and flow from week to week and month to month. We can’t guarantee a certain number of leads.


Per Month

Tier 1

3-Month Commitment, then Month to Month
15-25 Leads Per Month (Estimation Based on National Average)
Leads Directed to Your eXp provided website
No Crazy 3rd Party Portal Fees


Per Month

Tier 2

Get Leads Flowing in Quickly!
No Monthly Commitment
25-40 Leads Per Month (Estimation Based on National Average)
Leads Directed to Your eXp provided website
No Crazy 3rd Party Portal Fees


Per Month

Tier 3

$750+ is an ideal starting level for supporting a team, but also available to individual agents.
No Monthly Commitment
38-60+ Leads Per Month (Estimation Based on National Average)
Pre-Launch One-on-One Consult
Custom Market Area Targeting
Exclusive Support Scheduling
Leads to Your eXp provided website, No Fees

Join the team that’s breaking down boundaries.

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