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Express Offers Facebook ADs

Fully Managed Facebook Ads For Real Estate Agent On Steroid

Express Offers allows you to connect your clients with institutional buyers who buy in cash within a short time frame. This innovative new tool generates listing leads and allows you to provide convenient options to clients. Interested in the program? The first step is to become a certified Express Offers agent.

Target sellers looking to sell their homes for cash.

Refer to our article on Picking Target Areas That Will Produce to boost your campaign’s effectiveness.

Targeting Potential Home Sellers

In Facebook, you can target users with a variety of interests. Some examples of target audiences include those looking for Loans, Moving Companies, interests in Home Repair, and more. We will continually update interest targeting to create the most effective audience. Facebook Ads learns the characteristics of a successful lead, and uses those learnings to target similar users.

A Word About Internet Leads

Internet leads bring a variety of prospects, from imminent sellers to those with a longer lead time. And on occasion, a more secretive shopper with a made-up name. But our CRM (Client Relationship Manager) resources help provide great value over time, helping to convert the most challenging prospects.n.

Start Seeing Results

1. Sign Up

Select your plan, choose your target areas, and fill out the sign-up form. Completing the sign-up form will trigger the setup process for your new account.

2. Ads Get Launched

We launch new ad campaigns every day. It is taking us about 4–5 days from sign-up to get new folks started.

3. Start Seeing Traffic

Once your campaign is launched you’ll receive a notification that the ads are “live” and traffic will start getting sent to your website right away. You could potentially start seeing leads that same day.

4. Accounting

We bill in arrears. After the month has concluded, Accounting will send you an invoice to process your payment.

Level Of Service

Both Products Offered at $500 or $750/month

Making It Rain now brings you two programs to generate Express Offer seller leads from paid digital advertising. Have us do the “heavy lifting” for you and deliver leads right into your CRM (customer relationship manager).

The main difference between the Express Offers Essentials & Funnels programs is that you can either use kvCORE or an advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system called AttractROI. Both lead generation programs cost the same amount and run the same advertising. If you are comfortable with kvCORE, you may want to use Essentials, but if you’re looking for a robust CRM, try the Funnels.

Express Offers Essentials

Utilize kvCORE

Express Offer Seller Leads From Digital Advertising

Instant New Lead Notifications

Express Success 1 on 1 consultation

Option to use kvCORE & Express Offers Smart Campaign

Express Offers Click Funnels

Utilize AttractROI

Express Offer Seller Leads From Digital Advertising

Instant New Lead Notifications

Express Success 1 on 1 consultation

AttractROI CRM Tool & Drip Campaign

Detailed Lead Information

Leads can immediately schedule a consultation call

Advanced Training for AttractROI

* Expected lead flow for each tier. Cost Per Lead varies based on area. Additionally, advertising can ebb and flow from week to week and month to month. We can’t guarantee a certain number of leads.

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