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Each Week, 50 Live Classes, For Free

Whether you’re new to real estate or an experienced agent, taking classes to learn about the brokerage, the industry and how to build a successful sales business is the key to any real estate agents’ success. That’s why eXp Realty, whose motto is agent success obsessed, has made a huge commitment to offer classes to its agents, for free.

eXp’s classes are all free, taught live in eXp World and online. Not only is it convenient, but if you miss a class, it’s recorded and can be found in eXp University’s ever-growing on-demand library.

The Trainers and Educational Staff

eXp Realty has an awesome education staff, including Brad Andersohn, who was the creator of Zillow Academy and the co-creator of ActiveRain, a large agent blogging platform. I have personally learned so much from this man. So it’s really an honor to have him here at eXp Realty with us.

The “Working The Magic” technology team hosts several training classes every week. They cover the latest industry tools and apps and also invite experts from KVCore (the free lead generation websites eXp offers our agents) to answer any questions, offer tips, and help you become a successful lead generator.
In addition to the regular staff, eXp’s ICON Agents regularly volunteer to share their best practices. This gives eXp agents an opporutnity to learn from the top agents all around the world. Over the last few years, so many different national coaches and trainers have joined eXp Realty and they also jump in and teach classes on a regular basis.


Recorded and On-Demand Trainings

Many of the live eXp Realty training classes are recorded and have been invaluable to the eXp agents. If you’re a busy agent, you’re running around and you’re showing houses, attending closings, and you may not be able to be there for a class you were so excited to attend.
At my previous brokerage, there would be so many classes I missed because I just couldn’t get to the office on time. Now I can pull up the recordings on our eXp Expressway and listen to them anytime — even when you are driving to all your client meetings!
Our technology team creates a lot of short “how-to” training videos. It’s a huge plus, because many times, you attend a training class, get excited about what you learned, and by the time you get around to trying it out, you’ve forgotten 70% of what you learned. For example, when creating Facebook ads all I have to do is pull up one of their videos and watch the step-by-step ‘how-to’ video. Being able to go back and access these recordings can make a BIG impact on your business.


Training in the Virtual Office

When you come to eXp Realty, we have an online or virtual world, so you can walk in with your customized avatar and attend classes from the comfort of your home office or anywhere you have internet access.
There are guest speakers from around the country, national coaches and trainers, group workshops, and masterminds. It is an incredible experience, as you may have a top producing agent from Boston teaching a class one hour and Austin the next. The amazing thing we’ve noticed is that the agent or coach who’s teaching the class isn’t trying to hold back their secret recipe because they’re presenting to competing agents in their local market. They tell you exactly what they’re doing to succeed and that’s been a tremendous benefit for many real estate agents here at eXp Realty.
In order to get into the virtual office, you just log in eXp World from your computer. There is also a mobile app that allows you to access the World from your phone, so you can listen and participate in classes while you’re in the car or sitting in a coffee shop.

eXp Realty's Fast Start Series

Get New Agents Up & Running in 2 Weeks
Being new to a company and an entirely new business is extremely difficult. That’s why eXp created the Fast Start program, which is a two-week series of courses geared to agents who are new to real estate. You can attend live classes or complete online courses at your own pace. This hands-on program is designed to give new agents the tools and fundamentals needed to become a successful agent within the first two weeks of joining eXp.
In addition to the eXp University for new agents, there are over 50 hours of classes each week as well as special new agent mastermind sessions on Sunday nights to accommodate those newly licensed agents who may still have a ‘day job.’

Getting the proper training and onboarding is vital for the success of any real estate agent. The courses in the program range from navigating eXp’s internal tools and technology to mastering fundamental real estate concepts and best practices — all within just two weeks.

“We are really solving the problem for a ‘new to the business agent’ as well as those agents who are new to eXp.”

– Kirtus Dixon, program director at eXp University Tweet

The Fast Start Series curriculum includes:

101 — Navigating eXp Roadmap — Overview of eXp’s tools. 

102 — Setting up your eXp business — Tutorial on how to set up profiles across all of eXp’s platforms. 

103 — eXp Connect program — Overview on eXp agents’ personal Connect Concierge, who will assist a new agent for the first 365 days at eXp Realty.

104 — Mentor program overview — This is designed for eXp agents who are new to selling real estate. Agents are taught how to leverage the brokerage, their mentor and maximize their success.

105 — Workplace as a mobile office — Instructions on how agents can use their mobile device to maximize eXp’s Workplace communications tool.

106 — Real estate fundamentals — Covers the building blocks of success in real estate, including marketing, lead generation and more.

107 — Real estate business planning — Overview of fundamentals and tools needed to establish a business plan.

108 — Lead generation fundamentals —  Overview of key concepts that will serve as the foundation for building a lead generation plan.

109 — Lead conversion fundamentals — Covers the fundamentals of lead conversion, including building relationships, qualifying leads and setting appointments.

110 — Database management fundamentals — Overview of key concepts to build and leverage a real estate database, including CRM overview, managing profile records, statuses and tagging as well as strategies and tactics that can be implemented immediately.

111 — Sales fundamentals — Overview of the process of converting leads to clients, including methods for engaging leads, how to build trust, add value and building name recognition. 

112 — Working with buyers — Provides insight on different types of buyers, and serves as a how-to guide to get them through the buying process, and move them from being “lookers” to “owners.”

113 — Working with sellers — Helps agents understand how to earn the trust of sellers, learn their motivations for moving and help set their expectations for the selling process.  

114 — Workplace as a business tool — This course will cover getting to know Workplace groups, creating a group and identify groups to follow. 

eXp Realty Daily Training

There are more than 50 hours of live training each week in eXp World on eXp Realty tools and real estate business best practices. Click here to view the eXp Realty Events Calendar. We are always adding new classes and events based on your needs and experience level, and there are a few trainings and events that ALL Agents should attend :

  • Fast Start 101 – Navigating the eXp Roadmap
  • Introduction to eXp Realty
  • Skyslope Basic Training
  • Accounting 101
  • eXp Marketing Center Training
  • eXp Agent Leadership Meeting

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