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eXp Realty is leading the way to create the best possible real estate brokerage model that empowers agents to succeed with career-changing benefits.

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No desk fees. No royalty fees. No franchise fees.

eXp Realty’s revolutionary virtual-office business model does away with the added costs of a traditional brick-and-mortar brokerage. Keep 80-100% of your commissions, and enjoy a low company cap. Many of you have heard about all that eXp has to offer their agents – from powerful lead generation tools to dozens of weekly training sessions — but weren’t quite sure what our fee structure looked like. This is your chance to compare eXp Realty commission splits with your current brokerage.

Unique Financial Model With Various Opportunities To Make And Earn Income.

Upfront Fee

When you join eXp Realty, there is a $149 Startup Fee that includes your first monthly fee as well as:
  • 1,000 business cards
  • Setup of your new lead generation website
  • Contact Management System
  • Regus Business Center Membership
  • HelloFax # and Toll-free 800#
  • Google Apps for work, storage, email
  • Breakthrough Broker Membership
  • Skyslope Transaction Management System
  • Your own Agent Attraction Website
  • Access to eXp World, our virtual campus

Commission & Cap

There is an 80/20 commission split until you reach your $16,000 annual cap. For those of you that aren’t familiar with a commission cap, that just means that once you’ve paid eXp $16K, you keep 100% of your commissions for the remainder of your anniversary year. Once you’ve reached your cap, there is just a $250 transaction fee for the next 20 transactions and $75 after that.

** Please note that new agents or those who sold fewer than three (3) homes in the past 12 months will be in the eXp Mentor Program. There is an additional 20% split for your first 3 transactions with your local mentor.

Additional Basic Fees

  • $85 / month cloud brokerage fee
  • $25 transaction review fee per transaction
  • $40 risk management fee per transaction. Capped at $500

Agent Savings

For the typical agent who sells about 10-12 homes and does $80,000 GCI, they could potentially save over $8,000 per year with eXp Realty. For top producing agents who are selling about 25 homes and generating $300,000 GCI, the savings averaged about $60,000.

How to Keep 100% of Your Commission

eXp Stock Equity Plan

The first option is the EXPI Stock Awards where you receive stock when someone you sponsor closes their first real estate transaction. With eXp Realty’s Sustainable Equity Plan, our agents receive stock awards for accomplishing specific goals each year.

ICON Agent Award

There is also an ICON Agent Program that allows top producers to receive their $16,000 cap back in EXPI stock. You just have to sell 20 homes after capping and/or earn at least $500K GCI annually and paid at least $5K in transaction fees.

Revenue Share Program

The third way that you can earn additional income is by participating in the eXp Realty revenue share program and attracting agents to the brokerage, who then meet the production and closed transaction requirements. You’ll not only receive $400 worth of EXPI stock* for each agent you introduce after they close their first real estate transaction, eXp will also share 3.5% of whatever your sponsored agent sells until they hit their $16K cap.

Join the team that’s breaking down boundaries.

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